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All money goes to Lighthouse Relief's work in welcoming and providing emergency relief to refugees on Lesvos and you receive a printable gift certificate.

or make a regular donation without receiving a gift card by:
VIPPS: 45242270 (account holder Liv Karin,
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or credit card.

Swedish bankgiro: 377-6507
International payments: IBAN SE2950000000054031040237 BIC ESSESESS

The boats don’t stop for winter. Neither does the war. And the climate is changing fast, all over Europe.

We need your help to give refugees a warm welcome. Every day people arrive cold, frightened and vulnerable on the shores of Lesvos.
While Europe is closing its borders, violence is escalating in the Middle East, Afghanistan and other conflict affected parts of the world.

The refugees will spend winter trying to reach safety in Europe and the Lighthouse Relief team will spend ours welcoming them. 

Thanks to your support Lighthouse Relief have managed to build and continuously improve our base camp on the north eastern shore of Lesvos. People that arrive are immediately provided with food, water, shelter, dry clothes and 24/7 medical care at our camp. Yet, this is not enough.

We are 100% dependent on donations and need your support to stay. As the temperature is dropping the situation becomes even more critical. We need to remain here so that we can offer the refugees a warm welcome all winter long.

Will you help us in giving a warm welcome?

There are three things you can do to support us:

  • Give a Warm Welcome as a gift for your friends, family or employees. You donate money by credit card to Lighthouse Relief's work in welcoming refugees on Lesvos and you receive a printable gift certificate. 
  • or make a regular donation without receiving a gift certificate. 
    Donate any amount by SWISH: 1234219564 or VIPPS: 45242270 (account holder Liv Karin) 
    Swedish Bankgiro: 377-6507.
    International payments: IBAN: SE2950000000054031040237 BIC: ESSESESS
    Or donate by credit card.
  • Share our campaign #aWarmWelcome #LighthouseRelief and support our work welcoming refugees as well as invite people to donate to our cause.

To see more about the work we do, look through our web page and follow our Facebook page, and our new Instagram and Twitter accounts with daily updates and stories from Lesvos.