Happy Birthday Lighthouse Relief!

The 28th of September, Lighthouse Relief officially turned 1 year old. We are proud of what we have accomplished this year with hundreds of volunteers efforts, supported by generous donors, but it also pains us to be needed more than ever. War and conflicts are still increasing, leaving millions of people displaced or trying to flee danger.

In mainland Greece, 60 000 people are still stranded in deplorable conditions. Families are separated since the borders closed and mothers with children are facing the hardships in camp one more winter. The asylum process is slow as the European countries are not accepting enough of the people in need of our support and protection.

On Lesvos, refugees are still arriving by boats after a dangerous journey over the Aegean Sea. Winter is coming and now we have the only reception camp on the island with heated tents to treat hypothermia — tents that saved many lives last winter.

The situation is ongoing — and far from over. That's why during October month, we will focus on sharing more information on the refugees situation in the blog and on social media. We also created a site where you can meet the real people behind the words "refugees", "asylum seeker" and "migrant", the people we meet everyday in camp. The team at Lighthouse Relief hope that you will help us bring back the #LightOnRefugees.

You can also visit our updated About page, read the text and watch the longer video to get the full story on our organisation, how it started, how we responded, and how the situation for refugees in Greece has shaped what we are today.

Thanks for your support this year!