Our blog is going live!

Here at Lighthouse Relief, so much is going on everyday. In our work, we meet people from all over the world, everyone has an own life story, voice and something important to say.

We decided to create this space to tell some of all these stories. Whether it be the experiences of a father risking the dangerous journey over the Aegean Sea greeted by our team on Lesvos, the launch of more services for women and children in the camps we operate in, what staff and residents are getting up to, or just a glimpse of everyday life in the camps we serve in Ritsona, Katsikas and Skala Sikamineas — you can find it here at our blog, Notes from the Lighthouse.

The blog will continuosly grow with more voices and stories, and we're going to start by introducing some of the faces behind our projects. The energy of our dedicated staff and volunteers and the inspiration that they draw from the people who use our services drive the work we do. Then, we'll be telling you a bit more about the methods we are using to serve the residents at camps around Greece.

To stay connected with our news, watch this space and make sure to hit the subscribe button on the side bar!