To apply, please fill out the form below. It may take up to 7 days to receive a reply. As the situation constantly changes in Greece, please apply no earlier than two months prior to your planned date of arrival.


The Construction Team of Lighthouse Relief is primarily responsible for the construction, development and maintenance of Lighthouse facilities, including services to main facilities (such as WASH stations and toilets for children, shades from sun, canopies, drainage systems and access ramps).

The team is currently based in Ritsona refugee camp one hour from Athens, where we have built up our facilities and continue developing them. We also take care of the daily maintenance needed in our spaces.

Our team’s role is important because through our work we provide the rest of our programs (such as Female Friendly Space, Child Friendly Space, Infant and Young Children Feeding Safe Space and others) with the spaces needed to run their activities at full capacity.

We are also available to help develop and maintain facilities in the communal areas if needed (with a special consideration for accessibility of disabled people and minority needs) and to help fellow actors in camp that may need our assistance or support.

What will you do as a construction volunteer?

As a volunteer you may get involved in a variety of different projects. You may find yourself taking part in a new project (perhaps building new structures needed to improve our spaces), dealing with unexpected problems (construction related) or helping to maintain our facilities in good conditions (there are always things to do).

You will work with other volunteers including residents from camp — who are a very important part of the team. You will usually be around camp, either working in a particular project or attending to everyday changing requests from our programs but also from other actors and sometimes residents.

We have some tools and equipment for our activities and even a small workshop consisting in a shipping container (which we are currently trying to improve and develop).

What do you need to be a construction volunteer?

People skilled and experienced in carpentry are always needed since most of our plumbing, electricity or building in general you could be of great help for the team. You don’t have to be a professional with years of experience, handy people who know what they are doing is what we are looking for. There is supervisor who plans the activities of the team, instructs the team and provides you with the materials. 

Working schedule

We usually work from 9:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday. Nevertheless, due to the working environment and to avoid interfering with the other programs activities occasionally we have to start earlier, finish later or come during weekends.


Along with this application, we ask for you to send the following documents:

  • CV/Resume

  • Scanned copy of your valid passport/EU ID

Please send both documents in one e-mail with your name as the subject line to

If you are accepted, we will require

If we e-mail you that you are accepted to our Constructions Volunteer Program, we will send you more information, and before you arrive we require that you send us:

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Please use this format: YY/MM/DD. To volunteer with Lighthouse Relief, you need to be 23+.
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In case of emergency please give us the name of a person we can contact, how they are related to you and their phone number.
Languages you speak
Please note: to volunteer with LHR we require proficiency in English
Please note: International driving licenses are required in Greece. The only way to get to and from camp is by car, we ask all volunteers to arrange car rentals with other volunteers or rent their own car.
Please let us know more about your background in the field/s/ you filled out or let us know if you have a background in other things that might be interesting for us.
Please describe any health issues that would affect your work with Lighthouse Relief.