Environmental lovers, climbers,
skippers and hikers, we need YOU!

Since the beginning of 2015, over 600 000 life jackets and 10 000 rubber dinghies have been discarded on the shores of Lesvos due to a lack of safe passage for refugees seeking asylum in Europe. 

An important aspect of our mission is in response to the environmental impact the refugee crisis has had on the natural habitat and local community. In response, we started our Environmental Clean-up operation, now called Lighthouse ECO Relief.

Our clean-up supports the local residents, the environment, and provides a safer landing for the refugees that continue to arrive on the rocky shores of the northern coast of Lesvos.

We encourage volunteers to join our ECO team, and while we are especially looking for long term volunteers, it's also possible to join us just for a day.

The accessible tourist beaches are already clean, peaceful, and ready for visitors - this is the chance to get to know the hidden treasures of Lesvos!

Info For Volunteers

The base for the clean-up is in the charming village of Skala Sikaminias, Lesvos, where there are plenty of accommodation options.

We travel to the remote shores on Lesvos to clear them of discarded rubber dinghies, life jacket, and general waste. We spend our days in the water and on land; hiking, cling, kayaking, picking up rubbish, and cutting discarded boats. We then transport materials by sea to be upcycled or collected as garbage. The work can be physically demanding, but we always stop to enjoy the natural beauty too.
Volunteers also join in with our upcycling project, giving the materials cleaned from the local area a new lease of life as bags, bracelets and many other beautiful items. From time to time we hold upcycling workshops at the Lighthouse Relief camp using to encourage the sharing of skills and new ideas. During winter when the weather is too bad for beach cleaning, the ECO team will be upcycling and giving a helping hand around camp. 


We meet every morning at 10am at the Lighthouse Relief camp in Skala Sikamineas. 


To join us this winter for any period more than one week please apply through the Lighthouse Volunteer application form and specify your interest in the ECO project.

If you want to join cleaning for less than 7 days message our volunteer coordinator on Whatsapp (+30 6946130852) with your name, arrival date, and an emergency contact, so that we know you are coming for the day!

And please remember to:

  • Be ready for hikes (adequate foot wear, small rucksack, etc...)
  • Bring appropriate clothing and protection the elements (rain jacket and sunglasses may both be needed!)
  • Bring packed lunch/power snacks and at least two liters of drinking water.
  • Bring work gloves and water shoes if you have them.

See you soon!

Love, Lighthouse ECO Relief.

ECO Relief In Media:

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A big thank you to our donors:

We need your help to support the environment!

Our ability to help is dependent on the kind contributions of our donors. We are a non-profit initiative and 100% of the donations go directly to providing emergency relief on the shores, essential services in the camps and our efforts of cleaning and restoring the beautiful Lesvos Island. Our ambition is to always support the local community and purchase as much as possible locally.

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Now it is possible to support Lighthouse Relief by monthly donations by using Paypal! This helps us ensure that we can keep giving support to vulnerable people in all our operations.

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Norwegian donations can also be done through Vipps:
VIPPS any amount to 45242270 (account holder Liv Karin).
Please mark your payment "Lighthouse".

Swedish donations can also be done through Swish:
SWISH any amount to 123 683 85 85.
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Swedish bankgiro: 377-6507
International payments:
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Thank you!