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To volunteer with Lighthouse Relief, you need to have one of the specific skills we are looking for, be over 23 years old and stay for a minimum period of 3 weeks. Our general volunteer program in the camps on mainland is full for this summer but you can still apply to volunteer on Lesvos. Please be aware that we receive more e-mails than we have time to answer. Make sure you read through the volunteer web page before e-mailing questions, as the answers are often found there. 

As the situation has changed from an emergency setting to a more permanent situation where people are stranded rather than arriving, we are not in need for general short term volunteers on the mainland anymore. We can only take a limited amount of volunteers as having too many people come and go in a place where people are living for many months can do more harm than good, however good your intentions are. We ask for your understanding, and recommend general volunteers to choose Lesvos instead of the mainland in the application.

The reply to your volunteer application can take up to 7 days. If you get accepted into our volunteer program, you will also need to take an online course in humanitarian response before your arrival. You also need to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A if working in the camps.

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Please use this format: YY/MM/DD. To volunteer with Lighthouse Relief, you need to be 23+.
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Please read the specifications of what we look for at the different camps. We will look at where you are most needed based on skills, man power, and your preference.
Please use this format: YY/MM/DD
Please use this format: YY/MM/DD
In case of emergency please give us the name of a person we can contact, how they are related to you and their phone number.
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To volunteer with us, we expect you to speak English.
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Please let us know more about your background in the field/s/ you filled out or let us know if you have a background in other things that might be interesting for us.
To volunteer in Ritsona refugee camp, drivers license is needed.