This holiday season, you can give your friends, family and colleagues the chance to help provide emergency and long term relief to some of the 60,000 refugees stranded in Greece.

Now, more than ever, they need our support.

Your gift certificate comes in English, Swedish or Spanish, and will include the sum donated. Your gift document will immediately be sent as a PDF, in printable A4 size. Here are examples of how much your gift would be impacting our operations! Your gift could be covering some of the following programs:

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Provide Early Child Development Kits

10 Euro

Small children are very aware of the world around them. Although refugee children show incredible resilience, they also experience lingering trauma.

One of the most powerful ways for children to learn is through play. UNICEF's Early Child Development (ECD) kit was created to help small children living in difficult settings to develop cognitive, motor, communication and interpersonal skills. The kit includes puzzles, games, art supplies, hygiene supplies, and storytelling tools. With your help, Lighthouse Relief can take ECD kits to the refugee camps in which we operate.

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Support refugees arriving to Lesvos

50 Euro

War, conflict and persecution are ongoing. So are the landings on Lesvos. As winter temperatures plummet, the risk of hypothermia is once again critical for arriving refugees undertaking harrowing journeys. Our landing teams are ready 24/7 to provide immediate support to those fleeing conflict.

In addition to fulfilling emergency material needs such as blankets and dry clothes, our landing team on Lesvos offers a warm, compassionate welcome. Your support could cover costs for arrival packages with emergency blankets, water and biscuits for 20 arriving people!

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Run all our operations on Lesvos for one day

200 Euro

Lighthouse Relief has been providing emergency response since September 2015. Our landing teams are ready 24/7 to provide immediate support to those fleeing conflict. We also clean the beaches from boat rubber and life jackets in our ECO Relief project, to care for the environment and support the local residents on the island.

Whatever their point of origin, fleeing refugees have experienced the trauma of a perilous journey. During this crucial point in their journeys, we offer a warm, compassionate welcome. Your generous support could cover the costs of our emergency relief and environmental clean up initiatives for an entire day on Lesvos.

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Provide activities in our Female Friendly Spaces

20 Euro

Across the world, refugee women face disproportionate risks, such as gender based violence, early marriage, and lack of access to sexual health services.

We have created Female Friendly Spaces in camps in Greece where we offer female residents a private sanctuary, away from the hardships of life in limbo. There, they can access recreational activities, psychosocial support, and build relationships. Your gift could cover the costs of needed materials for our life skill and recreational activities in the Female Friendly Space for a day!

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Run our Child Friendly Space for a day

90 Euro

Half of all displaced people in the world are children. In Ritsona Refugee Camp, we have created a Child Friendly Space where we offer children a safe place to play, learn and develop.

We design activities through which children can learn important skills, build relationships, improve communication, process trauma, receive support to tackle the difficult living conditions, and prepare for a life in Europe. We work to restore their hope, curiosity and optimism for a bright future. Your support could cover the costs of running our CFS for a day of activities!

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Breastfeeding Week

Run Lighthouse Relief for one day

1,000 Euro

Lighthouse Relief was born on the shores of Lesvos, at the peak of the refugee crisis, just a little over a year ago. Our mission is to provide immediate crisis response, as well as long term relief, for vulnerable groups in a dignified, respectful and empowering way.

The assistance we have given has been able through hundreds of volunteers efforts, backed up by the generous support from our donors. Your gift will provide much needed support to our operations, including transportation, accomodation, and programmatic needs in our Child Friendly Space, Female Friendly Spaces, Infant and Young Feeding Programs, Construction program and much, much more.

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