Back to School- Help Refugee Children in Greece!

Nearly 60,000 refugees including many children find themselves in extremely vulnerable positions in Greece. Many have been living in refugee camps for a long time. Following the closure of some crucial internal EU borders, many refugees feel trapped in a crisis-ravaged country that can barely provide for its own citizens. Yet more refugees continue to take the tremendous risk of crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to arrive in Greece.

Focusing on a wide range of non-formal education activities Lighthouse Relief is providing psycho-social support for vulnerable refugees, many of them children, stranded in Greece. Every day Lighthouse Relief assists between 50 to 100 children and youth at the Ritsona refugee camp in mainland Greece. On September 11th refugee children of 7 years and older will start going to local Greek schools. For many of them it will be their first   encounter with Greek language and culture, as well as their initiation into the Greek public school system.
Now, more than ever, they need our support.

Starting this fall Lighthouse Relief wants to expand its assistance to those children. We want to help them in the process of adapting to the new realities By providing them with school supplies, after-school Greek language classes as well as a lunch box- composed of local products for after school activities.  

We urgently need your support to continue our work.

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