The following wish list items will help enable our emergency response team to continue providing a safe and warm welcome to all arrivals on the northern shore of the island. All gifts purchased on this list support our operations in Lesvos

Set of dry clothes (including shoes) for one new arrival

Thousands of men, women and children continue to arrive in Lesvos soaking wet and shivering after making the treacherous journey across the Aegean Sea. 

Lighthouse Relief is present in the UN Refugee Agency's overnight transit facility in northern Lesvos, where we lead the distribution of clothing and shoes to arrivals immediately after they arrive on site. A contribution of $25 USD is equivalent to the approximate amount required for us to purchase a full set of clothes, including shoes, for one new arrival. 

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Emergency relief kit for 20 new arrivals

The landing team is on-call for 24 hour shifts and must be ready to immediately respond within five minutes of a landing call. Once the location of the boat is confirmed, the team will respond with basic nutrition, water, dry clothing and blankets for the new arrivals. 

A $75 contribution is equivalent to the amount required to purchase all the resources necessary for 20 emergency relief kits. 

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One week of fuel for our Lesvos landing response vehicle

Our around-the-clock landing team responds to all boat landings on the northern shore of Lesvos. To make sure there are no delays to their arrival, the team ensures there's always a full tank of gas in the emergency response vehicle so that they can jump in the car at a moment's notice. In a situation where every second matters, a fully-functioning vehicle is absolutely essential. 

A contribution of $50 USD is equivalent to the amount required to fill fuel for this vehicle for one full week. 

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