Reports to: Board of Directors

Department: Management Team

Leads & Supervises: 4 direct reports (programme managers, Finance and Admin manager)

Contract: Swedish Staff/ Volunteer Contract

Position Summary:

LHR is looking for an experienced Country Coordinator who is able to lead and oversee the organisation’s operations in Greece.

The Country Coordinator also provides HR and administrative oversight, and strategic, programmatic-development support for all LHR operations, reporting directly to the Board of Directors (BoD).

The objective of the role is to facilitate professional and systematic internal communication and cooperation between the different projects of the LHR family, to ensure maximum impact of the organisation’s work without intervening in programme direction. As s key representative of the organisation, the Country Coordinator aims to lead and develop roles within the organisation as well as managing risk, ensuring that programmes are fully equipped to achieve their objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

●      Under the guidance of the BoD, oversee LHR operations in Greece;

●      Provide the administrative and HR oversight necessary to deliver high quality programming;

●      Coordinate flexible and responsive strategies, ensuring operations are carried out appropriately in a rapidly changing context;

●      Facilitate professional and systematic internal communications and cooperation between the different projects of the LHR family, to ensure maximum impact of the organisation’s work without intervening in programme direction;

●      Mobilise a trusting, transparent and positive organisational ethos whilst ensuring all staff strictly adhere to and are protected by LHR's protocols and standards

●      Identify opportunities for appropriate expansion and growth of programmes and/ or projects;

●      Analyse and prepare operation-management contingency plans and exit strategies;

●      Ensure programme quality through overseeing the consistent use of: monitoring, evaluation and assessment of programmes, resources and processes;

●      Streamline organisational systems and processes such as recruitment and registration, as well as overseeing the professional and psychological well-being of field staff;

●      Risk manage, mediate incidents, ensure compliance and quality improvement of the country programme

●      Ensure transparency and accountability to beneficiaries, LHR staff and stakeholders;

●      Explore opportunities for programmatic partnerships and fundraising activities with both institutional and private donors in close collaboration with the Head of Communications and Partnerships;

●      Oversee all aspects of the staff recruitment processes, facilitating interviews, holding communication with candidates, supporting with administration and recruitment of all staff.

●      Responsibility for overseeing Accounting and Finance administration and reporting, including registration and taxation (conducted by part-time accountant).

Staff Capacity Building and Support:

●      Lead programme managers on training and capacity building of all programme management techniques, design and implementation, coordination, administration, finance and monitoring and evaluation, according to Core Humanitarian Standards;

●      Ensure the full implementation of LHR’s Code of Conduct;

●      Ensure that a human resource strategy and implementation plan is developed, monitored and reviewed as an integral part of the strategic planning process;

●      Promote and monitor staff care and well-being. Support healthy, work-life balance practices and respond to staff care needs.


●      Ensure dissemination of and adherence to security plans, standard operating procedures and advisories;

●      Liaise with counterparts on relevant issues and participate in safety and security analysis and management;

●      Maintain operational risk tracker, conduct regular risk reviews and ensure risk is managed, mitigated and mainstreamed into decision-making and daily activities;

●      Ensure all programme managers update and maintain safety procedures and implement protocol on a daily basis with the wider team;

●      Ensure safety standards are applied and adhered to by all teams regarding LHR's assets, donations and stakeholder assets.



●      Significant work experience, including as a Head of Mission, Country Director or a senior management role with an International NGO;

●      Degree in a relevant field;

●      High level exposure to humanitarian and development issues and contexts;

●      Excellent programme management, effective budgetary control,leadership, project and staff management, and communication skills;

●      Adhere to, and hold substantial experience in, implementing Core Humanitarian Standards and Sphere core standards within operations management

●      Experience in leading field operations with humanitarian organisations including operation-management start-up and exit procedures;

●      Proven track record of securing substantial partner relations;

●      Ability to produce clear, informative and engaging written materials;

●      Ability to work under pressure with rapidly changing conditions, work on own initiative and to be proactive;

●      Excellent organisational skills and understanding of quantitative and qualitative data collection;

●      Fluency in English;

●      Good working knowledge of operation-management and programme management tools, resources and software;

●      Valid work permit in EU;

●      Manual driving licence.


●      Experience working in Greece;

●      Interest and knowledge of displaced populations;

●      Good standard of spoken and written Greek is an asset.


●      Lighthouse Relief pays a monthly living stipend and a contribution to accommodation costs

●      Relevant travel expenses are reimbursed

To apply, please send a CV and Cover Letter in English to hr@lighthouserelief.org, titled "Country Coordinator Application” in the subject line.