Summary of position

The emergency Response Coordinator oversees emergency response operations in the North of Lesvos.

The Coordinator is responsible for managing the Emergency Response Officer, for ensuring that the team is always ready to respond and that all projects are operating to the highest of standards. The emergency response team is on call 24/7, therefore duties and responsibilities are divided between the Lesvos staff team to ensure efficient operational security, time off and coordination.

This is a varied and challenging role that requires flexibility and a willingness to work when needed. The successful candidate will have strong organisational skills, be a natural problem solver, work well in a high pressure environment, have a good attention to detail and an ability to manage both small and large teams.

Reports to

Board of Directors

Key responsibilities

  • Coordinate emergency response operations on the north shore of Lesvos on a 24/7 basis

  • Liaise with key external parties including UNHCR, national authorities and Frontex

  • Manage the Emergency Response Officer and delegate responsibilities where appropriate

  • Manage a team of volunteers that varies in ability and size week to week

  • Plan and execute training sessions to ensure all team members can fulfill their responsibilities to the highest standards

  • Identify opportunities to improve the experience of our beneficiaries and take initiative in enacting them

  • Ensure the safety of volunteers

  • Hold responsibility for LHR equipment, cars, housing etc. and manage their continuation and/or maintenance

  • Responsible for implementing field-level contingency plans with the CC


  • Experience of working in emergency response

  • Proven ability to work well in a high pressure environment

  • International driving license for a manual car and experience of driving 4x4 cars off road

  • Proven leadership skills in high pressure situations

  • Experience of managing a team and an ability to motivate this team in challenging situations

  • Experience of managing budgets

  • Strong communication skills

  • A high level of both written and spoken English

  • Experience in report writing for a range of audiences

  • Personal health insurance

  • Valid EU Visa for a minimum of 3 months


  • Experience in a maritime or emergency response profession

  • First aid qualification

  • Languages: Greek, Farsi, Arabic or French an advantage

  • Previous work experience in the humanitarian sector

*ToR subject to change based on agreement between the board of directors and Emergency Response team

To apply, please send a cover letter and your CV to