Lighthouse Relief is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by a volunteer group in 2015 on the island of Lesvos, Greece.

In September 2016, to better respond to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Lesvos, the volunteer group established Lighthouse Relief as a Swedish NGO. While in October 2016, in order to be able to run its operations in Greece, LHR Hellas was established.

LHR operates with an international staff and long-term volunteer team, providing relief to people living in refugee camps on mainland Greece and assisting those still arriving on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Summary: LHR board’s role is to advise, govern and oversee the operations of the organization; acting as fiduciaries. The board is legally, financially, and morally responsible for the organization.

The tasks listed below outline crucial responsibilities of the board as a whole, focusing on the way in which each individual member can effectively contribute to these tasks:

1. Purpose and Mission

The board is responsible for creating and defining the mission of the organization. While, it is responsible for reviewing mission and purpose regularly in order to assess whether any revisions are necessary;

2. Executives Selection & Support

Actively participate in the selection and evaluation process of the Country Coordinator/ Finance Manager. The board is responsible for counselling, advising and supporting the executive team throughout decision making processes when required;

3. Financial Oversight

The board is unanimously responsible for the careful and prudent use of money within the organization. In order to meet this responsibly, the board should:

  • determine the financial policies;
  • approve annual budgets;
  • review financials on a monthly basis;
  • request an annual audit for assessing the organization's financial standing;

4. Strategic and Risk Oversight

The board is unanimously responsible for contributing to the formation of the organizational strategy; overseeing its implementation and providing ongoing support, input and monitoring of the organization's direction. Directing, overseeing and contributing to organization strategy are core board responsibilities. The Board initiatives and leads the organisations direction, while the management designs the strategy and is responsible for its execution.

5. Ensure adequate resources are in place

The board of directors is responsible to:

  • Attract and influence large donors and create strategic partnerships;
  • Ensure that there are enough human and financial resources to serve the mission and purpose,
  • Work closely with the executive team in setting fundraising goals and formulating a fundraising strategy to meet the targets;
  • Work together with the executive team as a group to monitor, oversee, and guide fundraising activities;

6. Communicate with the Community

The board of directors is responsible for acting as the voice of LHR. Members are responsible for articulating the goals, mission, and purpose of LHR, for the wider community to gain an understanding and be ambassadors of LHR. Additionally, members should take the lead in developing strategies for community outreach both in and outside of Greece;

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