On #WorldChildrensDay, help us stand with refugee children 

To mark Universal Children's Day and the 28th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child (20 November 2017), Lighthouse Relief calls on European leaders to protect the rights of refugee children at its borders. Tens of thousands of children remain stranded in Greece, waiting months and even years for decisions about their futures. Over the past two years, their stories have been overlooked, their rights sidelined and their voices rendered completely silent.

When governments fail to protect refugee children, small NGOs like Lighthouse Relief must fill the gaps. With the help of skilled volunteers from around the world, our programmes for children and youth allow young people to express themselves and regain a sense of community. In a situation where diminishing resources for the European refugee situation has caused so many actors to turn away, we are one of the few remaining advocates on the ground trying to console and reach this forgotten generation of inspiring young people.

Here's how you can help: 

Lighthouse Relief Presents:
A Children's Guide to Children's Rights

In honour of #WorldChildrensDay, Lighthouse Relief presents A Children's Guide to Children's Rights, a child friendly-manual to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, illustrated with photos from Ritsona refugee camp in mainland Greece. Through it, we hope to encourage children and their families to advocate for the rights of refugee children, by deepening their awareness of the universal rights that bind us all. 

This book is a perfect entry point for parents and educators to begin conversations with their children on human rights and the situation of refugees in Europe. All proceeds from the sale of this book will support Lighthouse Relief's efforts to advance a dignified humanitarian response for refugees in Greece, including our programmes for children and youth in Ritsona camp. 

Currently available for PDF download only. This digital download can be viewed on your phone, tablet or computer, or can be printed at home. Hardcopies coming soon. 

Preview the first few pages here.