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The following wish list items will help enable our emergency response team to continue providing a safe and warm welcome to all arrivals on the northern shore of the island. All gifts purchased on this list support our operations in Lesvos

One month of frontline emergency communications

Since September 2015, Lighthouse Relief has responded to each and every boat landing on the northern shore of Lesvos, providing immediate assistance and a warm welcome for all families that have braved the perilous journey across the Aegean Sea. 

Technology to enable fast and efficient on-the-ground emergency communications is absolutely essential to ensuring we arrive at the landing site as quickly as possible. It also enables easy and clear communications with our spotting teams along the northern shore, ensuring we can act proactively when a boat is approaching. 

Just €50 funds a full month of emergency communications to keep our Lesvos team as responsive as they can be, when it matters most. 

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Run our spotting activities for one day

Our Lesvos team operates day and night spotting shifts to identify incoming boats in danger.  Working closely with our search and rescue partners on the water, Lighthouse Relief remains committed to ensuring the safety of new arrivals who seek to land on the treacherous coastline of the North Shore.

A €30 contribution is equivalent to the amount required to powering our spotting activities on the North Shore of Lesvos for one day.

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One day of emergency humanitarian aid for new arrivals

Families that arrive on Lesvos are often cold, wet and sometimes hypothermic, and the situation is only expected to get worse as winter draws in. 

That's why Lighthouse Relief is present in the UN Refugee Agency's overnight transit facility on the island, where we lead the distribution of warm clothes and toiletries to all new arrivals. By doing so, we help ensure no man, woman or child goes to sleep cold on their first night in Europe. 

A contribution of €90 is equivalent to the amount required to provide emergency humanitarian aid - including warm clothing, emergency blankets and shoes - for new arrivals for one full day. 

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The following wish list items will help enable our team in Ritsona refugee camp to continue providing sustained psychosocial support to vulnerable groups, including children and youth, that have been stranded in Greece for several months or years. All gifts purchased on this list help run our safe spaces in Ritsona refugee camp. 

One specialised creative workshop for children or youth

Many of those awaiting resettlement are young adults and children. Brimming with creativity and potential, many are unable to work or study, spending their days in limbo. This state of uncertainty and boredom fosters psychological distress and leaves them vulnerable to marginalisation, exploitation, violence and substance abuse. 

Our safe spaces for children and youth in Ritsona camp offer unique opportunities for these groups to express their creativity and foster new talents. A contribution of just €25 is enough to fund one specialised creative or skill-building workshop in the Child Friendly Space or Youth Engagement Space.

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Resources to launch a new edition of the Ritsona Kingdom Journal

The Ritsona Kingdom Journal features artwork, writing and photography from youth participants aged 16-25 at our Youth Engagement Space (YES) in Ritsona. Together, this incredible body of work demonstrates the creativity, resilience and untapped potential of these inspiring young men and women. 

€60 funds all the materials needed to launch a new edition of the Ritsona Kingdom Journal, including to facilitate a magazine launch event for residents in Ritsona camp.

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New guitar for weekly youth music lesson

The weekly youth music lesson, facilitated by a professional guitar instructor from a nearby town, is one of the most attended activities in the Youth Engagement Space. In an environment with limited opportunities for refugee youth to express their creativity and talents, these music classes allow young people to learn something to and build new friendships with their peers. 

€70 is equivalent to the amount required to purchase one new guitar for the Youth Engagement Space, which can be shared by all participants. 

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New sports equipment package to engage children through positive play

Every afternoon, the Child Friendly Space dedicates time to physical movement-based activities - a perfect outlet for children to get active and exert themselves in a positive way. Athletic games - including football, skipping, gymnastics and yoga - are often well-loved, enabling children to play in teams and make new friends. 

€100 is equivalent to the amount needed to update and purchase a new set of sports equipment, which can be shared by participants in the Child Friendly Space for many months to come. 

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